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'Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.' ~ Helen Keller

Links / Allies

Listing in progress!

The Power Threat Meaning Framework


Mad In The UK

Dr Jacqui Dillon

Jo Watson

Critical Psychiatry Network

PPR No one Left Behind

Council For Evidence-Based Psychiatry

V formerly Eve Ensler

Women and Girls Network

Professor Joanna Moncrieff

The Centre for Child Mental Health

Professor Emmy van Deurzen

Kate Silverton

PCCS Books

Dr Gabor Mate

Johann Hari

Ending harm from psychiatric diagnosis

The late great Paula J Caplan PhD's website that contains so much useful information.

The Flying Child

Mad In America

Dr Ray Middleton

Daniel Mackler

Independent Living Movement Ireland

Will Hall

Dr Karen Treisman


inner c

The Inner Compass Initiative


The Humane Clinic

Cormac Russell

Viv Gordon Company


Dr Terry Lynch


Safely Held Spaces

Radically Genuine Dr Roger McFillin

Plattform - For Mental Health and Social Change.

Emotional CPR

Spokz People

Surviving Anti- depressants

Hári Sewell Consultancy

East Side Institute

The Erni Movement

Victim Focus

Antidepressant Risks

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