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'Imagine a society where there is no pathology of human emotions but a deep respect for each other's stories in which sense can be made, pain witnessed, questions answered and healing found.' ~ Jo Watson

  • Challenging the scientific validity of psychiatric diagnosis and drawing attention to how the DSM is constructed.​

  • Demanding the right to informed choice about how to describe and make sense of emotional distress. 

  • Changing the question from 'What’s wrong with you?’ to 'What happened to you?’ which encourages the framing of distress as an understandable reaction to trauma, adversity, or just the struggles that come with being human in a patriarchal, racist, capitalist world.

  • Highlighting the disproportionate numbers of women survivors of gendered violence labelled with so called 'mental illnesses.'

  • Opposing the widespread colonisation of emotional experiences by medicalised language.

  • Working towards the de-medicalising of counselling, psychotherapy and other helping professions.

  • Challenging the various forms of iatrogenic harm (harm in the name of 'treatment') that people experience.

  • Identifying and sharing non-pathologising, trauma informed ways of understanding and responding to emotional distress.

  • Encouraging activism and the belief that we can all play a part in informing change. #dosomething

  • Bringing together people who share the above concerns and who want to see change thus offering a sense of community and solidarity.

AD4E Focuses on...

This short video was made in the early days of AD4E when we were taking our one day event around the UK. It explains the main AD4E position well in under 5 minutes. Check it out to understand more about the debate.

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